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Manual Therapy Osteopathy
Physiotherapy Techniques and Therapies


It is a Manual Therapy that helps to alleviate, correct and recover musculoskeletal injuries and organic pathologies.

A.T. Still, the precursor of Osteopathy, postulated as early as the 19th century that the health and proper functioning of the individual depends on the overall structural integrity of the body.

Based on the anatomy and physiology of the human body, osteopathy treats the individual as a whole, restoring the disturbed balance by means of manual techniques: structural techniques (thrust or rhythmic techniques) and functional techniques.
It thus obtains, directly or reflexively, physiological reactions that balance and normalise the different muscular, osteoarticular, organic and functional alterations, improving or resolving the clinical picture and its painful manifestations.

Osteopathy also facilitates the inherent mechanisms of self-regulation, allowing the body to recover and achieve the normalisation of altered functions. Osteopathy can help both musculoskeletal dysfunctions (back pain, limb pain) and visceral dysfunctions (digestive, genitourinary, respiratory), headaches, etc.

A Holistic View


Their description during the patient interview reveals much of the information about the injury.


THE KEY: is to find the reason for the injury, the cause. What is the chain of injury that has caused it.


Always based on an accurate, personalised and innovative diagnosis.