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Temporomandibular joint treatment
Physiotherapy Techniques and Therapies

TMJ Treatment / Orofacial Pain / CranioMandibular Disorders

Orofacial or temporomandibular joint pain is very characteristic but has multiple forms of manifestation: bruxism (clenching or grinding of the teeth), crunching of the jaw when chewing or yawning, blockage of the jaw when opening the mouth, sensation of muscular fatigue in the area, constant pain that ends up migrating to the neck or head, etc. It can become a very disabling and long-lasting injury.
Many structures can be involved in its physiopathology: jaw, skull, neck and in most cases, also the pelvis.

The causes in many cases are multiple: poor occlusion of the teeth (they do not fit together properly), stress, a previous neck injury, etc. and therefore the treatment must be focused on working on all the causes that provoke it, in a multidisciplinary way: orthodontics, psychology, traumatology, etc.

From a physiotherapy point of view, it also has a complex approach as not all cases should be treated in the same way. It is essential that the physiotherapist diagnoses where and how the imbalance began, because the TMJ is a very dynamic joint that can respond to a blockage of the neck or, on many occasions, of the pelvis, which provokes a response from the rest of the structures up to the jaw.

And depending on this accurate diagnosis, the treatment will be successful not only in terms of pain, but also in terms of improvement over time and without relapses.

As well as being an optimal treatment for pain and dysfunctions in the jaw area, the results of TMJ treatment in combination with orthodontic treatment are amazing. A TMJ treatment gives the tissues involved a great ductility that reduces the time needed to correct the teeth.

A Holistic View

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Their description during the patient interview reveals much of the information about the injury.

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THE KEY: is to find the reason for the injury, the cause. What is the chain of injury that has caused it.

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Always based on an accurate, personalised and innovative diagnosis.