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Myofascial Therapy
Physiotherapy Techniques and Therapies

Myofascial Therapy or Myofascial Induction

To understand Myofascial Induction you first need to understand Fascia. Fascia is a kind of uninterrupted mesh that covers us completely. Its functions are to support, protect, organise and transmit movement. This network is made, among other things, of a braid of collagen fibres. When the quality of this tissue becomes poor, these interweaves become “tangled” and restrictions, contractures and other dysfunctions appear.

With Myofascial Therapy we achieve an induced movement of this tissue so that it “unravels” and recovers its optimum quality. This is done through gentle stretching or pressure maintained over time.

As Fascia is involved in all structures of the body, its indications are as varied as: pain or structural dysfunctions such as contractures, tendinitis; visceral dysfunctions (gastric, respiratory, intestinal, reproductive system, etc.), migraines and headaches; post-traumatic recoveries and many more.

A Holistic View


Their description during the patient interview reveals much of the information about the injury.


THE KEY: is to find the reason for the injury, the cause. What is the chain of injury that has caused it.


Always based on an accurate, personalised and innovative diagnosis.