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Neuromuscular Taping and Functional Taping

In Physiotherapy, the Functional Bandage overtook the Compressive Bandage because beyond guaranteeing the containment and support that the tissue would need to repair itself as the Compressive Bandage does, it allowed the movement of the non-damaged structures; this favours a better balance between the muscular, articular, circulatory and proprioceptive tissues.

For the last few years, Neuromuscular Taping or Kinesiotaping has been in the limelight. It is a hypoallergenic, self-adhesive cotton bandage with a braiding of elastic fibres in only one direction. This and the different ways of applying it means that it has various effects: stimulating contraction, relaxation, lymphatic, analgesic, proprioceptive, corrective… But its main virtue is that it allows normal movement from the start and this makes recovery from injury faster.

Its indications are very varied, from a sprain, gait re-education, lymphatic drainage, contractures, fibrillar rupture, etc.

A Holistic View


Their description during the patient interview reveals much of the information about the injury.


THE KEY: is to find the reason for the injury, the cause. What is the chain of injury that has caused it.


Always based on an accurate, personalised and innovative diagnosis.